Any Year Calendar Instuctions

These spreadsheets will auto update the DAYS OF THE WEEK and
CALENDAR DATES for any given year. The spreadsheets formulas are
protected in order to deliver to you a foolproof spreadsheet without
the worries of accidentally editing formulas and causing errors.
  1.  Go to the January Tab.
  2. Locate the CALENDAR SETTINGS to the right of the calendar.   Find the YEAR (cell M2).  Change the year to the year you would like the calendar formatted for.
  3. On the same sheet under the CALENDAR SETTINGS from step 2, locate the “WEEK STARTING DAY.   You may choose to start your calendar week on “SUNDAY” or “MONDAY”. This will automatically format the calendar to start the week on the day that you choose.

This calendar is printer friendly and allows you to add events in the blank spaces below the dates.  It also includes a notes section at the bottom.

The calendar includes past months dates in grey in the first week of the month and future month dates in grey in last week(s) of the month. 


  1. In Top Menu, Select FILE, PRINT
  2. If the sheet wants to print 2 sheets, click on FIT TO PAGE.
  3. You can also choose between printing PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE.
  4. Hit Print.
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