Red Rooster Editable Recipe Template

This Red Rooster Binder Recipe Card comes with both an editable version and a printable version. The editable PDF can easily be opened with Adobe Reader (The free version). Each text field on the card can be personalized with your own recipes and binder section titles. These recipe cards are a great way to keep your family recipes organized.

The top of the recipe sheets have a top title for the binder section title or recipe name. Under this is another text area that can be used for the recipe title or a perfect spot to add who the recipe is from.

The ingredients section has two separate sections for listing the ingredients. One on the left half of the space and one on the right side. This makes it easy to add two columns for ingredients in the editable version of the file.

The direction section at the bottom is one column and is the perfect place to add the recipes cooking instructions.

The printable PDF version includes lines in each section to make it easy to fill out your pages by hand.

See Instructional Video below:

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