Increase Traffic with Pinterest and Tailwind

Do you have an online store, blog, or website you are trying to promote? By pinning your posts to Pinterest you can quickly increase traffic to your site. Here is are step by step instructions for creating Pins, scheduling posts, and increasing your online presence.

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Create Visually Stimulating Pins

In order to create a viral pin there are a few rules you should follow:

  • Pinterest recommends an image size with a ratio of 2×3. A good rule of thumb for pins is 600 x 900px.
  • Images should be saved as a PNG or JPEG with the maximum file size of 10 MB
  • Use easy to read BOLD fonts
  • Nice clean relevant photos – if you don’t have any of your own you can find some quality stock photos on the web. You can try for some nice professional images.
  • Use Photoshop or a free online tool like to create eye-catching pins.

Use a Catchy Title

How many pins have you saved that start with “25 ways to do this” or “10 tips to do that” . By using numbers in your pins you are letting people know that you have various ways of doing something on your site, not just a single idea and it makes the pin an attention grabber.

Make sure your title is long enough to explain what they will find when they visit the site. Use “10 ways to refinish a mirror” vs “Mirror Refinishing”. Which one do you prefer? Which one would you click on?

Research & Use Relevant Key Words in your Pin

Do a search on Pinterest as if you were looking for information about the topic that you are about to pin. What words auto-fill the search bar as you start typing? What type of pins show up in the feed? This will give you clues as to the types of phrases and keywords you should be using in your Pin Title and Description. Make sure you use the same keywords that you choose for your title in your description as well.

Here is an example: Search How to Refinish a Mirror

As you type you can see what phrases come up in the search bar. These are the most popular search terms used when looking for refinishing a mirror. This list is what searchers will see and click on when looking for pins.

How to search Pinterest for keywords to increase traffic and increase SEO
You can see above that the term mirror frame pops in the search.

ADD Hashtags to your descriptions

Hashtags are a newer thing on Pinterest, but they can help you to boost your pins by using relevant keywords. It is recommended to use 3-5 hashtags on a pin. The hashtags will help your pin show up higher in searches.

Promote your Pins

After you have made and posted your pin to your board you can promote your it even further using sites such as Tailwind.

Tailwind is a tool that you can use to share pins to Pinterest groups (Called Tribes) and have them re-shared by other users. It is also a pin scheduler. It is easy to add a pin to tailwind and to schedule pin posts overtime automatically. I usually spend about 10-15 min a week MAX scheduling and loading pins to the program. It is easy very easy to use and can quickly boost the popularity of your pins. Want to give it a try? Get a free month by clicking the link below:

Get one month of Tailwind for FREE to try

Give it a try and increase your traffic with Pinterest and Tailwind.

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