Mockups Can Increase Sales & Save Time

Whether you are just starting out with your online store or a trusted long time seller, using pre made mockups for your products can save you a lot of time and heartache. Mockups help you create beautiful product photos without the hassle of buying props, setting up your lighting, taking loads of pictures. After the photos are taken you still have to proof and edit them before posting your product on your store .

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Mockups make it quick at easy to get your listings up quickly so you can spend more time on filling orders and working on marketing strategies. You can find great mockups on Etsy, Template Monster, & Creative Market.

Because these mockups are easy to use, you can create professionally styled product photos quickly. You can choose between JPG, PNG and PSD Smart Object Mockups depending on your level of Photo Editing Experience. Your design can easily be placed over the JPG and PNG product mockups. PSD Smart Object files can automatically orient your design and place it onto the product for you. This requires Adobe photoshop. For JPG and PNG you can go to or and use layers to add your design over the mockup image. Save and post to your listing on Etsy, Shopify or your own online store.

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Here are some examples of some great mockups.

Fresh Mockups Baby Bodysuit Mockup
T Shirt Mockups from Template Monster
Living Room Mockkup
Creative Market Wall Art Mockup
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