24 Must Have Etsy Selling Tools

We have put together a fantastic list of some of the best must have tools for Etsy Sellers and Bloggers. Most of these tools are invaluable and worth looking into if you are just starting a shop or if you are a long time seller. Check out our list of 24 Must Have Etsy Selling Tools below:

My posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something from one of our links we may earn a small commission, doesn’t cost you any more but helps us to bring you more great tips, recipes and garden ideas. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

(My posts may contain affiliate links, if you purchase something from one of our links we may earn a small commission, doesn’t cost you any more but helps us to bring you more great tips, recipes, and home decor ideas.)

Social Media Schedulers & Organization

Pinterest can be a marketing goldmine if you know what you are doing. Social Media Schedulers top the list of our 24 Must Have Etsy Selling Tools. These tools can help you grow your followers and help to increase sales in your Etsy or Shopify store. Tailwind is our Top Pick since we use it weekly and may be a little biased.

Tailwind – We use and LOVE this scheduler for both Pinterest and Instagram. Click the link to get a Month FREE to try.

Pingroupie – Search for relevant Pinterest group boards that relate to your business or marketing strategy. A great resource for collaborating with other Pinterest Influencers.

Buzzmo – Find out what people really want to know on Social Media. What are they asking and looking for. Maybe you have the answers.

Trello – Project organizer and prioritizer. Great for planning blog posts, sales & research projects.

SEO & Keyword Tools

SEO is so important when to comes to any kind of online presence. Even a small Etsy shop. You need to make sure all your listings are packed full of the right tags, keywords, and titles. These tools will become your best friend while learning SEO.

Marmalead – Gives grades to your Etsy store products then helps with SEO & Keyword searches. Don’t forget to check out their videos as well. They have lots of great tools for Etsy Sellers.

Keyword.io – A free keyword research tool. This tool helps you find Long Tail key words for your Etsy shops SEO.

Erank – Tools to grow your store including SEO and Keyword Searches

Google Trends – Keyword Search, find out what people search for on google.

Research, Statistics and Ranking

Google Analytics is the best tool for tracking traffic in your shop or blog. It is a very detailed look at where traffic comes from, the devices people use to find it, what pages they landed on and how long you held their attention before they left the site. This information can help you determine if a recent ad or blog post has worked to bring you more traffic or sales conversions or if it just fell flat on its head.

Craftcount.com – Rankings of all Etsy stores. Where does your shop fit in?

Google Analytics – Set up tracking on your website or Etsy store to get detailed information about where visitors are coming from, what pages they like and more.

How to Price your Products

How to price your products is a conversation I have seen over and over on facebook groups, forums, and other blog posts. These tools can help you determine a fair price for your item and what the market is paying for similar items.

Pricewoot – Helps you price your items for increased sales plus other marketing tools such as tag generators, shop trackers and more.

Craftybase – Awesome fee calculator for not only Etsy fees but can also include PayPal and Direct Checkout Fees.

EtsyOnSale – Easily manage your store sales, backups and auto renew with this tool. Your shop sales will also show up on their shopping site to increase traffic to your store.

Photo Editing Tools

This category is one of my favorites. Being a photographer for years, I love photo editing tools. At the top of the list is, of course, Adobe Photoshop, however, some of these new tools are pretty slick. Some of these allow you to do similar edits quicker and easier. Our top pics here are PicMonkey and Befunky.com. But I suggest that you try all of them for yourself and see what you think. You may like different aspects of each one.

PicMonkey – A really popular photo editing tool. Try for free today:

Want to see what PicMonkey is all about? Sign-up for your free trial today!

Fotofuz – This is a great tool for creating bright white backgrounds on your images.

Blogstomp – Edit and resize photos quickly and easily.

BeFunky – Free editing software to create collages, design, edit and more.

Gimp – Gotta love Open Source programs!! Perfect for a graphic designers, photographers & illustrators.

Link Shorteners

Short links are so important for social sharing. Long post links or affiliate links are unsightly. Plus you don’t always want to give away all your secrets in your links 🙂 I have used both of these and would recommend either one.

Bit.ly – Link management system to shorten, brand and track your links.

TinyURL – Create short links that won’t break and will never expire on you.

Email Lists

When we first started we heard that Email Marketing is the king of sales. You can create a list of people who are interested in your products, want to hear about your next sale and would love to learn how to do what it is you do. From selling artwork to ebooks, these companies are a great place to get started with an email marketing plan.

Constant Contact – Email marketing with social media tools, templates & data storage

Sign up for a free 60-day trial of Constant Contact!

Mail Chimp – Email Marketing

Accounting Programs

This is another favorite topic of mine as well. Besides photo editing software, my next love of programs goes to MS Excel and accounting software. After being in the accounting industry for years, you get to love the whole Debits and Credits and research thing…….. However, these two programs make accounting and inventory management affordable and easy to do. Their intuitive programs can be used by almost anyone. So no more fretting over the books at the end of the year. Give one or both of these accounting programs a try.

Fresh Books – Simple accounting program for small business. Includes invoicing solutions.

ZarMoney – Free single user plans for Accounting and Inventory management.

Did I miss one?

Let me know if you have a program that you can’t live without for your online business. I would love to hear about it and possibly add it to our list of 24 Must-Have Etsy Selling Tools.

Selling tools for your business.  Great for blogs, Etsy & Shopify. Tools for SEO, Keywords, Accounting, Photo Editing & Social Media.
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